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European Gas Consumption

Natural gas in Europe can be equally divided overall between domestic heating use,  industrial and commercial use and for power generation.  The actual generation mix varies from country to country.The primary source of European gas is the North Sea which explains the high domestic production of Norway, Netherlands and the UK. Russia provides up to 30% of the total European gas demand.

Another important pipeline supplier is Algeria.  Small scale domestic production is found in many countries but is rarely material to security.  Liquefied Natural Gas is gas imported by ship.  Gas is frozen to -600C and re gassed at import terminals.  France, Spain and the UK are the main LNG importers.  

Worldwide LNG markets are divided between Europe and Asia, with small new markets emerging in South America.  North America no longer imports much LNG except in New England and Canada during winter periods.

The US Gulf of Mexico and British Columbia are expecting to export LNG from 2014 onwards.  Increased demand from Japan following the nuclear shutdowns of 2011 have supported prices this year as will increased demand from China and India.  Both of the latter countries anticipate significant shale production from 2015 onwards which may balance supplies. More Graphs

SGI believes in the reality of climate change, but we also believe in the reality of shale gas as a safe and acceptable way of cutting carbon as it transforms the European economy. We think shale gas is the biggest energy story in years and it can change the game in energy completely. That's why we want to move from acceptance to enthusiasm.

Few Europeans have access to up-to-date information on the shape of shale in a European context. While much of the North American context is valuable, much of it is not. Their experience is not going to simply be replicated in Europe.

We appreciate public concerns as often valid, but see Europe as an arena where all sides have access to information as well as emotion.

Simply put, if shale gas wasn't safe, we wouldn't be promoting it. We are here for the long-haul, providing sustainable, truthful and realistic answers to energy and economic issues. SGI is sponsored by the above companies, but we maintain editorial control.

SGI is actively seeking sponsorship for our activities from producers, service companies and end-users in industry and education sectors. Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further details.

Shale Gas Info Team

Shale Gas Info exists to promote responsible and environmentally sustainable shale gas development in Europe. Sustainable means not only low carbon, but an affordable and secure means of supplying energy. Using on-line media in combination with traditional media and lobbying, we aim to provide realistic and accurate facts on what Europeans can expect to gain, good and bad from shale development.

Nick Grealy

Nick Grealy - Publisher

Nick Grealy, principal and publisher of No Hot Air since 2008 has been highlighting the sudden emergence and predicting a future permanence of secure, scalable and affordable gas supply from the start, at a time when most of the world's energy policy was built on a view of gas as being both finite and expensive. Shale has already changed the game across the energy industry in North America. Even today, electricity production using nuclear, large-scale renewables and Coal Carbon Capture and Storage are centrepieces of UK energy policy, but not for much longer.


Saloi Benbaha - Consultante

Saloi a accumulé quatorze ans d'expériences couvrant de nombreuses fonctions tel que le support et l'aide a l'expansion des PME/PMI ainsi que dans le relationnel et la gestion de portefeuilles clients de très haut niveau.  Elle possède un diplôme de l'Université Abertay Dundee en Écosse, en Économie Européenne et Gestion des Entreprises ainsi qu'un diplôme de l'École de Commerce Idrac Paris en Mercatique et Affaires Internationales. Elle a aussi valider un Master en Business de l'université et Business School de Sunderland en Angleterre. Durant les sept dernières années elle a activement rechercher et développer le contenu stratégique de conférences, sommets et symposiums de haut niveau en Europe, aux États-Unis et au Moyen Orient dans l'industrie de pétrole, de gaz et de l'énergie afin d'aider l'industrie a surmonter les nouveaux challenges qu'elle rencontre. Elle a quitter récemment Platts pour devenir consultante indépendante dans le secteur de l'énergie et a rejoint en temps qu'écrivain et chargée d'affaire où elle est responsable de la rubrique francophone.

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